If your City has not adopted a Smoke-Free Ordinance and you would like to have your city do so, please contact us at (415) 473-3020.

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Pharmacies are turned to everyday as a resource on health and well-being. Such places should not be selling deadly products such as cigarettes and chew. This is a concern since pharmacies sell items that attract many youth customers, including candy, toys, and school supplies.

“The Smoke-Free Marin Coalition does not endorse e-cigarettes, E-cigars or e-pipes as nicotine delivery devices since they have not been proven to be a healthy alternative to conventional tobacco products, according to scientific evidence.”

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The Smoke-Free Marin Coalition advises tenants, particularly those with health concerns, infants or children, to think twice about renting an apartment or condo that is exposed to drifting smoke from neighbors.

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