Additional Information/Resources for Condo Owners​: 

                                              * How to Make A Condo Complex Smoke-Free
Options for Condo Owners Suffering from Drifting Secondhand Smoke
Sample CC&R Language
No Smoking Policy for a Condominium

          Smoke-Free Lease Addendum                                   California Apartment Association Rental-Lease Agreement 


Marin tenants exposed to drifting smoke should reconsider renewing leases in unprotected communities.

The Smoke-Free Marin Coalition advises tenants, particularly those with health concerns, infants or children, to think twice about renewing a lease for another year in an apartment or rented condo unit that is exposed to drifting smoke from neighbors:

Experience has shown that it can take at least 1-2 years for local governments to pass a smoke-free multi-unit housing ordinance.
After the ordinance is enacted, it takes another 12-14 months for the smoke-free policy to go into effect. That is the length of time required for all the leases to renew in apartment complexes and for homeowner’s associations to update their rules for condos.
This could mean a minimum of a 2 year wait before experiencing relief from second hand smoke exposure. 

Tenants' Toolkit


* Tips for Creating a Smoke-Free Housing Complex
* Letter to Residents
* Smoke-Free Housing Petition
* Letter to Property Owner or Manager
* Tobacco Smoke-Free Areas Addendum

Landlords/Managers' Toolkit


* Steps for Developing a Smoke-Free Apartment

* Cost Savings

* Letter to Residents: Outdoor Smoke-Free Notice

* Letter to Residents: Indoor Smoke-Free Notice

* Model Warning Letter

                        Smoke-Free Housing Toolkits for Landlords/Managers and Tenants


Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Victories

​This 4 minute video, designed for decision makers, includes interviews from elected officials from a rural county, as well as mid sized and urban communities, and the true story of how one family's life was changed by a smoke-free multi-unit housing law.

Smoke-Free Marin